About MVP

MVP Property group are Perth's passionate property people

MVP Property Group was founded from passion and a sheer determination for becoming the best. For us, failure is not an option. We try and abide by that mindset and instil it in our clients as we believe success is always possible when you try. The main objective of our property development and investment consultancy services is to help you find the easiest and best path to financial success.

Behind MVP

Peter Lade, the man behind MVP Property Group, has founded a number of successful businesses from scratch, with the majority of them based around the property industry. It has been his clear-eyed passion for property development and property investing that has forged his path into creating MVP Property Group. He is passionate about sharing his unique experiences and knowledge with every client that walks through our doors.
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Humble Beginnings

MVP Property Group started out by acquiring land for some of Perth's biggest and most respected land developers throughout the Perth metropolitan area. Since then, we have had the privilege in witnessing the creation of beautiful private estates that thousands of families now call home.

An Attitude For Success

Peter believes that you get out of life what you put into it, and that is the foundation of his attitude toward business. Having experienced extreme highs and lows of the property industry, he continuously educated himself to stay ahead of the game, allowing him to help his clients to avoid those lows. Peter has gained great respect within the industry through his integrity and transparency of his work ethics.
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More About Peter

When he’s not working hard for MVP clients, Peter spends time with his beautiful family. 

The proud father of two amazing little girls and the lucky husband of an extraordinary wife, Peter is a family man at heart. 

He tries to teach his daughters the belief that you should embrace everything life has to offer and learn from it what you can.

His love for being outdoors, especially in the ocean, surfing, scuba diving, boating and building the best sand castles ever according to his girls.
MVP Property Group's number one goal is to see people from all walks of life, find personal financial security through property development and investing. 
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