Smart Property Investments For Long Term Growth

MVP Property Group offers the best property investment tips and tricks to our clients to maximise wealth creation potential. With ebbs and flows in the market, we can guide you toward the right decisions regarding property type and location for the right demographic. Comprehensive market research allows us to present a personalised selection of properties to our clients from the best builders across Australia.
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There’s plenty of things to think about when you decide to build your property portfolio. Our experienced consultants can help you make an informed decision every step of the way. We’ll help you answer the following questions:
  • Should I purchase old or new property?
  • What location is best to optimise potential capital growth?
  • What type of property should I purchase?
  • What financing structure should I use to maximise investment returns?
  • What purchasing structure should I use
  • And more…
To begin your investment journey with expert guidance, make sure you contact MVP Property Group today.
Property Investing
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The right property, at the right price, in the right area, can set you on your way to financial freedom...

With macro and micro markets within markets, choosing the right property type and location for a particular demographic can be difficult. This may determine if the property is a cash flow positive or a cash flow negative investment. Depending on your current disposable monthly income, this could find your property portfolio building stopped dead in the water instantly. At MVP Property Group, we help you find the perfect property based on your budget and investment needs. It doesn’t have to be confusing!
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Smart property investments for long term growth

Essential property portfolio building rules

If you’re beginning the search for an investment property to build your portfolio, it’s important to think about a few essentials to ensure you maximise your returns. It’s a big decision, so you should be informed and do it right. Our key purchasing rules include:
  • Buy brand new to maximise tax benefits
  • Buy in locations of real capital growth
  • Purchase the right type of property for the location
  • Buy in locations of well-established infrastructure
  • Choose properties close to employment hubs
  • Limit your search to properties within 30km of a major city
  • Purchase in areas of high owner-occupier and rental demand
  • Use the correct purchasing and financing structure
  • Employ the best property manager
  • Ensure the property is manageable to hold
  • Crunch your numbers honestly
  • Always get advice from a finance professional
  • Invest for the long term
For help navigating these points, and for more invaluable property buying tips, book a consultation with a member of our team today.

Why We Choose Brand New Properties - off the plan

We present the best properties to our clients from renowned builders across Australia. At the end of the day, your success is our success, so we only suggest properties we would purchase ourselves. As a rule, we only choose brand new, off plan properties. Why?
  • Brand new off plan properties allow:
  • Higher tax deductions
  • Research and due diligence into the property
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Higher demand from quality tenants
  • Can select a quality property manager before ownership
  • Higher rents payable
  • Built in equity over construction time
  • Areas of new infrastructure including schools, shops, roads and parklands
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